America is going back to work and employee safety  from COVID-19 is on top of every employer’s list!

The National Government is set to resume the operations of states and localities that cover the federal government and the private sector. To achieve a safe and orderly return of the workforce, President Donald Trump released the guideline for Open Up America Again which consists of a three-phased approach for the state and private businesses.

Gating criteria are also included and should be satisfied before reopening the state or region. This also means employees and employers are bound to abide by the guidelines released by the federal, state, and local governments as well as the CDC prior to reviving their operations. Safety and prevention of COVID-19 transmission still remain as everyone’s priority. 

Prioritizing Business Screening for COVID-19

Private businesses opt to initiate a COVID-19 testing for all employees along with formulating and implementing appropriate company policies that address the monitoring of the infectious disease. Social distancing, regular sanitation, and wearing face covers and other protective equipment will become the new norm in the workplace. 

Back-to-Work or Business screening includes assessing symptoms of COVID-19 among employees, contact tracing in the event of a positive testing result, and providing clinical guidance for isolation and treatment.

Utilize Bulk Testing Today

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