IV Vitamin Theraphy

Through our holistic, integrative approach to healthcare, Synergy Medial Care ensures your well-being and health is a priority.

We focus on your physical and mental health as well as your personal health goals. Personalizing your care to best address your unique conditions and concerns exemplifies our principles of self-care by promoting health and prevention of illness.

We understand busy schedules, work and family are all priorities in your day. That is why, along with office visits, our clinical team now offers services in the comfort of your own home or office.

IV Vitamin Therapy

IV (Intravenous) Vitamin Infusion is a safe and effective way to provide your body with the nutrition it needs. Since IV Vitamin Infusion bypasses the digestive system, it is the fastest and most effective way to deliver vitamins, nutrients, and medications directly into the bloodstream: thus, ensuring 100% absorption for optimal use and minimal waste.

Hydration is a key component in our day-to-day life and especially in the recovery process. IV Vitamin Infusion is a quick easy way to boost energy levels, relieve muscle soreness/stiffness and help you bounce back better than before. IV therapy helps support your body’s recovery by making the building blocks readily available.
Six Packer

This IV Therapy Promotes muscle recovery and allows re-hydration to occur faster than the oral route. The six Packer Prevents Muscle fatigue and dehydration, which causes Cramps and injury. Optimize your workout and stay fit today with the six packer.

Immunity Booster

This antioxidant therapy is a blend of Glutathione vitamins and electrolytes. The Immunity Booster IV is the best way to reduce oxidative stress levels in your body and boost your body’s Immune system. Prevent illness and stay health with Immunity booster.


Rejuvenate and restore with Glow IV Package. This Treatment is packed full with B vitamins, additional multivitamins with an option of anti-inflammatory, to Restore your Glow and Replenish your beauty before an event or on your “Big Day”

Morning After

Is the ultimate IV therapy for feelings of discomfort. using specialized IV treatment, you can easily overcome the “worst of days” and aid in a speedy recovery. The Morning after Package is perfect for a horrible hangover, food poisoning, or an upset stomach.

Skinny Shot

This IV therapy is a blend of MIC vitamins and electrolytes specially formulated to help breakdown and metabolize fat in the body while boosting your metabolism.  Optimize your weight management plan with our Skinny Shot.

Clinical Cocktail

This IV therapy is based on a one hour medical consultation and focused blood work  to determine a customized combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids specially formulated for you to help you be your best.

Hormone (Testosterone/Estrogen)
Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Medical therapy that can help fight the aging process and balance your hormones with the use of biologically-identical or synthetic hormones. This one hour consultation works through all the details to determine if HRT is right for you, including a detailed discussion of your symptoms, a focused physical examination, and pertinent blood work. We focus on individualized goals and needs and HRT is prescribed and adjusted based on your specific needs.

Signs of Testosterone or Estrogen Hormone Deficiencies:
● Weight Gain
● Fatigue
● Loss Of Muscle Mass
● Compromised Immune System
● Aging - loss of structural integrity of skin and tissue
● Decompression And Stress
● Cognitive Decline
● Insulin Resistance / Metabolic Syndrome
● Loss In Sexual Drive
● Sleep Disorders
● Degenerative Disease such as Osteoporosis
Therapeutic Neurotoxin Treatments

Botox® – safe, painless injectable toxin to help attain muscular balance to treat for a range of medical issues, our skilled and trusted healthcare professionals can provide you with the ideal muscle focused treatment.

Used for Trigger Points:

  • Migraines
  • TMJ
  • Bruxism
  • Trapezius Muscle spasms
  • Excessive Sweating
Weight Management

Medically supervised weight management plan to help you realize your goals.  This one hour consultation works through your medical history to tailor a program right for you, including a detailed discussion of your symptoms, a focused physical examination, and pertinent blood work. We focus on individualized goals and needs and both pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic treatments can be prescribed and adjusted based on your specific needs. Lifestyle coaching available to maintain long term goals.

Multi-Cancer Early Detection Testing

Galleri Multi-Cancer Early Detection Test to look for a shared cancer signal across more than 50 types of cancer through a simple blood draw.  This allows for the detection of active cancer allowing for early detection and early treatment.  This one hour consultation includes a thorough exploration of your healthcare and a focused physical examination to see how Multi-Cancer Early Detection Test can benefit you and your family.

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Specializing in medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology, Vivo Dermatology clinic provides convenient access to the best dermatologists in New Jersey. From minor skin conditions to complex skin cancer care and the latest cosmetic techniques, Vivo is one of the most sought-after dermatology practices in New Jersey thanks to its doctors and staff.

Our plastic surgeons bring years of experience in helping patients achieve all their aesthetic goals through surgical procedures. Every treatment is fully customized to the precise needs of each patient for results that are natural and beautiful.

For patients seeking surgical solutions to their aesthetic concerns, our plastic surgeons are board-certified and have decades of experience helping patients achieve their cosmetic goals. Through customizable surgical plans, our surgeons offer results that are natural, durable, and beautiful.

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