Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take my insurance? Why not?

No, unfortunately. Dr. Dinani has discovered that commercial insurance limitations often lead to patient dissatisfaction with their healthcare experience. The physician-patient interaction is confined to a brief 15-20 minutes. Insurance restrictions prevent physicians from thoroughly exploring all available options and tailoring treatments to suit each individual. This contributes to standardized, assembly-line healthcare. Patients deserve more. By eliminating the limiting factor and adopting a patient-centric model, we empower individuals to achieve proactive, personalized care that truly prioritizes their well-being.

Should I drop my insurance?

Our membership doesn’t cover Hospitalizations or hospital care, X-rays, Pap Smears, Emergency room visits, Prenatal or obstetrical care, Surgery, Specialist office visits, Aesthetic services, IV infusions, Injections, or Vaccinations (which may incur additional fees). If you have insurance, it can still be used for medications, labs, imaging, and referrals.

Doesn’t my insurance cover these things already?

While insurance typically covers various medical services, it often comes with copays or deductibles. It’s crucial to understand that insurance might not extend coverage beyond basic wellness and preventive care. Moreover, it restricts the number of times you can seek medical attention and limits the ongoing relationship with your doctor for continuous care.

I’m healthy. Can’t I just see you as needed?

Health improvements go beyond an annual physical or one-time consultation. Even if you’re currently considered healthy “on paper”, there are aspects of our health we aim to enhance. Our membership model is crafted to nurture enduring health and a trusted partnership between you and your doctor. Dr. Dinani’s expertise in nutrition and focus on enhancing health through lifestyle adjustments and healthy habits resonates with those seeking proactive health management rather than reactive care.

I have great coverage, why should I join?

Our focus is on providing personalized, proactive care that surpasses the limitations often encountered within traditional insurance-based healthcare systems. Our membership offers a level of care and attention designed to enhance your overall health and well-being.