COVID-19 vaccines do not give immunity from the dreaded Coronavirus. Rather the vaccine gives your body a stronger army of fighter antibodies to battle the virus, altogether changing the dynamics of the fight against Coronavirus.

Even though the vaccine strengthens your chances of fighting Coronavirus through antibodies, the issue is that we are not quite sure if these antibodies are permanent or if they diminish with time. And if they diminish, how long after we have had the vaccine do they decrease and what does this mean for mask wearing and physical distancing?

Wouldn’t it just take the edge off the whole crisis if you knew how strong your antibody army was? Imagine how much lighter you would feel if you knew that your body had enough antibodies that if you did contract COVID-19, it would be like a regular cold that a couple days of rest wouldn’t solve.

Well, now there is a way to find the answer to the uncertainty that has gripped our lives and turned the world upside down. Antibody testing allows you to have an inside, back stage glimpse of how well your body may fare if ever faced in a head to head battle with the virus. There are two types of antibody tests currently available:

Rapid Qualitative Test

To detect the presence of COVID-19 antibodies, or should I say COVID fighting infantry

Quantitative Laboratory Test

To determine the size of the antibody infantry

The first rapid test provides immediate, real time results, offering ease and comfort that your body’s COVID fighting antibodies are present or not. The other, more precise testing provides information on how many antibody soldier cells are ready for battle.

It is very early to conclude whether the mere presence of antibodies or whether a certain level of antibodies can provide protection. As more data becomes available and with regular monitoring of antibody levels, we may be able to better guide when to get vaccine booster shots or when to take better precautions.

Dr. Dinani, Chief Medical Officer at Synergy Health Advisors

At Synergy Health Advisors, we help you get rid of the anxiety of not knowing how you will respond to COVID-19, even after you have had the vaccine. We provide both the rapid and quantitative tests in office or at home. Moreover, we provide personalized patient care and support to guide you in exploring and implementing additional defenses that strengthen your body’s response.

Get in contact today and book an appointment to get an antibody test so you can be more informed of what you need to do to battle this virus.