The benefits of IV Hydration and Vitamin IV Drip go well beyond the sum of its parts. Although IV Drip has been a key component of many rehabilitation programs for decades, it can have positive effects for more than just the chronically ill and elderly. Check out these 5 benefits of IV Hydration, and you’ll be questioning why you haven’t done it yet.

Immediate Results

It takes several hours for your body to absorb water when consumed orally. On top of that time lag, most of the water is taken in by your Gastrointestinal (GI) tract, leaving a lot less for your blood stream. IV Therapy uses a mix of liquid, revitalizing vitamins, electrolytes, and minerals to skip the bureaucracy of the GI tract and go directly to your bloodstream, and from there to the parts of your body that need it the most.

Boosts Immunity

IV Hydration is more than infusing your blood with liquid and vitamins. It is optimizing on vitamin and mineral absorption rate, causing a natural boost to your immune system. Just like how orally consumed water does not efficiently make it to the bloodstream, orally consumed vitamins also have a severely limited absorption rate (50%). With IV Drip, vitamins are taken directly into the bloodstream at a much higher absorption rate (90%), resulting in an immediate boost to your body’s immune system.

More Than Just Water

Water does not have electrolytes. If you are drinking water with the intention of replenishing your body with energy, sorry to burst your bubble, but your efforts are misdirected. Especially after an intense sporting event (like a marathon) or recovering from an illness (like the Coronavirus), your body needs more than just water. IV Hydration provides starving tissues the liquid, electrolytes, vitamins, and nutrients they need to replenish energy and boost recovery. 

No Wasted Effort

Drinking a lot of water, even with the intention of staying hydrated, can actually be hurting your body. Excess water consumption requires the body to quickly flush out the excess liquid, often flushing out valuable vitamins and nutrients with it. In contrast, IV Hydration provides your body with the exact amount of fluid, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals it needs, avoiding the damage caused by over consuming water.

Not Just For Athletes, the Elderly and Chronically Ill

You do not need to be a marathon runner, the elderly or bed sick to benefit from IV Hydration. Vitamin Drip can be used as therapy to positively affect a wide variety of common ailments, like: asthma, muscle spasms, hyperthyroidism and even seasonal allergies. Beyond that, IV Drip can improve your skin clarity, strengthen your hair and nails, help you to get over migraines or hangovers and, even improve your cognitive function, relieve stress and improve your overall mood.

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