Does it feel like it has been eons since you last packed your bags – ready to be sun kissed on a beach. Before you pack your sandals, here the top 3 travel questions answered:

Fully vaccinated domestic travellers do not need to get tested before or after domestic flights, nor do they need to self quarantine. The safest way to satisfy your itch to travel this summer is to travel within the United States.

However, according to Synergy Health Advisor’s Chief medical physician Dr. Sakina Dinani,

“Everyone in the United States is still not fully vaccinated, and there is still no option yet for children under 12, you should still use the necessary precautions to protect you and your family.”

International travel is much more risky than domestic travel because of the variability of COVID-19 conditions outside of the United States. 

The COVID-19 situation differs widely from country to country due to their vaccine rollout or current infection rates. In other countries the rate of vaccination could be much less. As a result, more lethal strains of COVID-19 may be in circulation. Vaccines are how we stop the virus from having a chance to mutate. In countries where the vaccine is not as readily available, new unknown COVID monster variants might be waiting to pounce.   

You should pay close attention to the COVID-19 situation and travel restrictions of the countries you would like to visit. Most countries and airlines continue to require proof of vaccination or negative test prior to letting you in or board the flight. Certain countries may require you to take an additional test upon arrival. 

The idea of vaccine passports has been hailed around the world as a way to make international travel easier. However, there is still work to be done on this. There is a concern that this may alienate anyone that prefers not to receive the vaccine or do not have access to the vaccine. 

We are still learning how effective the vaccines are against the current strain or future strains of COVID-19. It takes time to confirm the antibodies or T-cells triggered by the vaccine can withstand the havoc COVID-19 virus can create and for how long.

So we have a circular problem here. We are essentially trying to sit for a final exam while the syllabus continues to change. This poses another challenge on the effectiveness of a Vaccine Passport as key variables such as which vaccine and when it was administered become important factors.

Before you travel, be sure to arm yourself with the right information for a safe and enjoyable trip. Check out the US State Department’s COVID Traveller Guidance as well as their guide to Country Specific Information. Be sure to check with your airline at least a week before you travel to ensure you have the documents they require to board the plane.

At Synergy Health Advisors, we understand it has been a difficult year and the itch to travel. We are here to help you meet the travel requirements by offering a variety of COVID-19 tests, including same-day RT-PCR – the universally accepted test. Call us to book your COVID-19 test.